AL Photography


Growing up, into adulthood, and even now, I have always cherished the photos and videos taken by my family. It’s a blessing to be able to walk through those youngest years that I wouldn’t remember if I didn’t have those photos and videos. I was blessed with a very happy childhood, so being able to relive those memories with my own children is one of my greatest joys.

It’s the love of reliving life’s moments that drew me to photography. Being able to capture life’s moments…big and small…is one of my greatest passions. Being able to do that for others is one of my greatest honors!

The older I get, the more painfully clear it is that life goes by too quickly: kids grow up way too fast, milestones are reached and then they’re gone, loved ones pass away, friends move away. Every moment isn’t perfect, but I want to try and capture as much of it as I can.That is my mission in photography…to capture the precious REAL moments in life so they will always bring you back to those cherished memories. To capture the relationships and connections in your family. To capture the laughter, hugs, and even the meltdowns!

I want to capture life…and life isn’t perfect. It’s real and it’s beautiful!